Doodle Flowers & Everything Wonderful with Ashley!

Today I have a SPECIAL TREAT for you!

It’s from my friend over at MagnoliaMagenta, Ashley Haake. She does AMAZING work and I am IN LOVE with the entry she is about to share with you! Wanna know something CRAZY?! She brought ME this verse! I didn’t ask for her to do this one specifically. God laid it on her to share with me. (If you don’t know, the Featured Bibe Study Pack for September is called “I Will Bring Praise!” You can check that out HERE! It’s been a big HIT!

Without Further Ado…..

Hi new friends! My name is Ashley aka @magmagandme over on IG.

I am so honored to be asked by Becky to guest post on her colorfully inspirational blog. How do I summarize in a couple paragraphs how much Bible Journaling means to me!?

Growing up as a visual learner, becoming an art teacher and always being on the hunt for my next crafty hobby it was a NO BRAINER that this was for me moment I saw it. I remember thinking, why didn’t I realize years ago that my doodliful (is that a word?) sermon notes could absolutely bled into the margins of my Bible? I was hooked and am now on my third journaling Bible. I have used and would recommend the Crossway ESV single column and the Interleaved ESV (it has a full blank pages in-between each written one).

So let me walk you through this entry. Psalm 150:6 ESV says,

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!

This verse just screamed doodle flowers and everything wonderful that the Lord has created for us. I took advantage of the wide Psalm margin & extra space at the end of the book to do something BIG.

doodle flowers










I first start off sketching in my verse. I wanted the words to stand out against the floral forest I had planned, so I chose to do a ribbon banner. You can google or pinterest these. Look at them to recreate or print them out and trace under your thin Bible page. Same goes for the different flowers. My handwriting could be described as a quick cursive that I give a little modern calligraphy touch to.

So once everything is penciled in, I move to outlining in my favorite non-bled pens. Faber-Castells! Erase and get ready for color.










You could take advantage of the numerous shades of colors with colored pencils. You could make a bold statement with rich pigment markers. But I am going to go with the subtle deliciousness of watercolor. A bit harder to show color variety but it is a easy, quick way to get high impact on your pages.

doodle flowers


Currently I am using the Pelikan 24 Watercolors. They aren’t too chalky and a great deal at $20 on Amazon. If you learning how to get started with water coloring you’ll have to check out the periscope I did on this page. Head on over to the app and find me -> @magmagandme I give step by step painting instructions with some little tips sprinkled in.

Here is a close up look at the florals.



Bible journaling looks different for everyone. Test out new styles. Use stickers, left over scrapbook paper, your kids’ markers, stamps – whatever you have. Find what helps you worship the Lord and inspires your heart to spill out onto the pages. The Lord loves creating and it has to make Him smile when He sees our artist love for Him!


doodle flowers




Wife, mother, believer, blogger, former art teacher & lover of all things creative. Ashley loves doodling in her bible, taking care of her babies, junking & antiquing, cooking up something new and is always searching for the next great DYI project! Check her out over at her website or her store!

Do you LOVE this entry?? Let’s see what you can do! I’d love to see some of your Bible art work! I bet Ashley would too! Comment with something below!

Have a great day guys!!

Worthy of Praise

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  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful watercolour flowers and love this verse 💗

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