Journaling Through The Bible: Genesis 3

Today we have part 3 of Journaling Through the Bible from my BFF over at Faith In Heart, Denyse Paterniti!

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This week we journaling through the Bible with  Genesis 3

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Bible journaling Genesis 3

Genesis 3

In just one short chapter all of God’s work is unraveled. A chain of events leads to another chain of repercussions and we see an example of what God’s Wrath looks like. Because of one moment of weakness, one choice to give in to temptation, Adam & Eve’s innocence is gone. This has to tear a wound into God. Even though He knew this would happen, He still has to feel the pain of “all that was good” being destroyed. They hide from God. Neither accepts responsibility for their actions, but instead throws it on another. I would imagine that this only poked deeper into the wound. Then we see how serious God really is. His consequences are drastic and severe. He isn’t playing around. I think that in this day and age, we don’t always take the wrath of God seriously. We don’t always give it the weight that is deserved when making choices. We are so far away from this event in history, as well as a lot of other Old Testament events that show the power of God’s wrath, that we think of it more like fairytales that have glimmers of truth. This passage needs to be a reminder to us, just how serious God really is.

In the end, God shows just how much He loves us but coming full circle and telling them that they will be the Father and Mother of all of the earth’s people as well as making them clothes. He doesn’t turn His back on them, nor does He stop using them all together. He is a perfect example of what the word father means.

Here’s what you should take away from Genesis 3. God is the ultimate authority and has all of the power. He means what He says and will not bend on His promises or words. His wrath is definite and He means business. This should put a healthy fear in us, out of respect for His being in control of our lives. It comes full circle though. God may punish without hesitation but He also loves us very much and will always take care of us. He is not going to leave our sides, even when we mess up ROYALLY.

Bible journaling Genesis 3

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