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Denyse is my long distance BFF and the other half of the brains behind our Faith In Heart Online bible Journaling Community. (If you aren’t a member, check it out!) She’s an expert on all things art and CLEARLY a much better artist than I am! She’s going to be a regular visitor and I know you will LOVE her as much as I do!

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The bible is quite a mystery to most people when they begin reading it. There seems to be hidden meanings in everything and a lot of times, when you first pick it up, the bible just doesn’t seem to make much sense at all. (That STILL happens to me sometimes!). Don’t stress that. As you keep getting closer in your relationship with God, He will begin to reveal it to you. Passages like Genesis 1 give me confidence and reassurance in My God. Looking back on them now, after so many years of connecting with God, I can see the true glory of what He was trying to express. God is all we need. This whole chapter confirms that. He saw a need, He met the need, it was good (enough). Read chapter 1 of Genesis and be filled with Joy. God is always going to SEE your needs, He will always MEET them, and it will always be enough.

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This is my very first Bible journaling entry and all I used for this was my Prismacolor colored pencils. I still had that nervous feeling when it came to drawing or coloring in my Bible. So, I drew this out on paper and then put it in my Bible and just figured colored pencils where my safe bet. Now they are my favorite journaling supply to use.

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Here is a coloring page for you to download. You can resize it to a 5 x 7 to trace and color in your Bible.

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If you use the printable or just decide to print and color I’d love for you to tag #faithinheart so I can check it out.

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