Bible Studies & Devotionals

I LOVE to talk to other about my experience with God. I think it’s because I didn’t grow up in the south, going to the baptist church every Sunday and Wednesday. I am from the North. New Jersey. I believe we are considered the armpit of the north. It’s harder to find Jesus up there. So I have grown up in the “world” and made all of the mistakes that people who come from the scary place outside of the bible belt, make. I guess I just see things differently than other “bible teachers.” I encourage you to check out all of the studies that I have to offer!  Click on the words below to see what I have. If you don’t see something you like tell me and I will make something SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU! Custom Packs are one of my most popular items!


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MONTHLY Study Packs – A different Study each month. Comes as a printed booklet or downloadable copy. The Pack has TONS of fun extras too! (Pre-order or buy 1 at a time)

Inspirational Moms – About Everyday Mom’s! All Ages!

Kids Bible Studies– 3 different options and MORE TO COME!


You Are – Helping you take back the power to define who you are!


Starting A New Journey – (Great for moving, new chapters of life, graduation, etc)

A No-Nonsense Look at the Bible 

Jesus Is – Who is Jesus and how does it affect you?

Mother/Daughter Study – LOTS of goodies and parts to this kit! 3 different Age Options for daughters!


There are PRINTABLE versions only of everything and more here!

Bible Journaling KITS, Bible Tabs, Personalized Journals,  Prayer Cards, AND LOTS MORE!!