How To’s – Tip-In

How to tip in


I am sure you are wondering just what ‘tip-in’ is aren’t you? You’re in luck because I am about to tell you.

Tip-in’s are ways to add things like paper ephemera (pieces of paper) and other goodies, into your bible journaling. Our HeArtful Blessings group will be sending “Tip-in Kits” to their partners as part of the challenge for June/July’s swap. The group’s focus this go-round is Hospitality & Freedom. For today’s example, I am going to focus on the hospitality.

So as of today, I am giving the wonderful ladies in our group the first part of this challenge. To do a journal entry using a tip-in! They have to complete this using any bible verse they would like, and then post it in the group. I am super excited to see what they come up with (and of course, I am offering a little prize to the person who posts the most creative entry). There is one catch, though….. It has to include a PINEAPPLE!

Anyone who knows me at the current moment, knows that I have a sudden obsession with PINEAPPLES. They were a big part of our featured bible study for June, as well the theme for our HeArtful Blessings swap. I LOVE THEM! They are crazy-looking, which I love, and they are a symbol of summer, which I also love. I am finding ways to incorporate them into my life everywhere I can. They are my new BFFs. (No, I don’t have much going on for me).

Tip-ins are one of my favorite way to journal because 1) they are easy to do 2) they make it look like I did something super creative and artistical (yes I know, I made the word up), when in fact I just taped a piece of paper into the bible with washi tape. Super easy and quick!

Here’s my process:

Items Needed:

Bible (or journal)   Washi Tape    Pieces of paper to tape in (can be shapes, can be just small pieces)    Pen/MarkerIMG_2905

Step 1) Make A Plan – I lay it all out and see what I’m working with. Paper “ephemera” is one of my hoarding items. I Love it. I have a box full of different shapes & sizes of paper. I have no idea what to do with most of them. Rest assured, I will find a place for each and every one of them. (How else will I make room for more?)

Step 2)   Make the Front –   This time I used a piece of paper that came folded but you can fold ANY paper into 3’s to make a little brochure or you just use one piece and write on the front and back. If you decided to do the 1 piece of paper, leave a little extra room on the edge to bend it and add the washi tape in later.   Then use washi tape to tape everything to the cover. I also wrote the verse address on the bottom.

Step 3- Inside Pages – On the first page I added a little paper circle that said “today” to remind myself that this was relevant for TODAY (so do it now!), then I attached a little paper piece that said “details” and put all the important details on there. Then 3rd I inserted a piece of paper on top of that section and used my pineapple stamp. I put the definition for the word “hospitality” since that was part of what we studied on day 1.

Step 4 – Last page  – On the last page I put a reminder of the general concept. As you can IMG_2917see when you first open it you will see the 1st page and this page together, so it’s kind of like a synopsis of what I read and took away from it and then the details are on the inside.

Step 5 – Attach it – Then I open it up and attach it on the inside, middle flap to the left (or right, if you are on the opposite page). this way you can still lift it to read the bible words under it and then you can open and close it to see all of the pages. I used washi tape to do this because I knew it was easy on the bible pages and wouldn’t ruin them if I ever wanted this out 🙂 (See the Pineapple tape???)

See, as my daughter says,”Easy peasy lemon squeezy!” I am sure you can see that anything can be fixed in this way. So now let’s see you try it! If you do will you use the hashtag #tipinbeckyfaulkner,#EmbracedGraceEtsy and #Ilovepineapples 🙂 Let’s see what you got!

PS – To all my HeArtful Blessing sisters… please do one of these for yourself, WITH A PINEAPPLE and post it in our group with me tagged. Most Creative/Clever entry will win a 25$ Gift Card to my store, Embraced Grace Creations 🙂   Make sure you tag me and use the hashtags mentioned above 🙂

Let’s see what you got!

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