How to Pursue What Sets Your Soul on Fire AND Guard Your Heart at the Same Time


My new favorite quote:

Be Fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

I am not sure who said it but I keep coming across it everywhere. I love it. I’ve hand lettered it, written it on the  inside cover of my daughter’s journaling bible and “pinned” a bunch of images with it. I think it’s crazy important to not only PURSUE SOMETHING, but to be fearless about doing so, because of your faith. Of course, that something needs to be something your inner most being absolutely requires  you must do. God designed us this way. To have things that we must partake in, in order to feel like we are doing our part. It’s an amazingly good thing, to find your passion, the one that you are good at. That one thing you were put here on earth for, and then SPRINT toward it with abandon. It’s a good thing to recognize that without these things, you are not living up to your potential. But when does it become too much? When do you start to idolize said passion and stop becoming useful to God?

How can you tell the difference between when you are walking in step with God’s plans and when you are pushing them forward on your own? How do you stop yourself from getting to the latter?

A long time ago, I used to think that “guarding your heart” meant to keep it from things like rated R movies and hanging out with the wrong crowd (I am talking about my adult life here). I was always so confused about the whole, “don’t let the world change you,” thing, vs. the “love everyone like Jesus loves you,” thing. How could I guard my heart (not living among things OF the world) but still help all of the people around me who so desperately needed Jesus but will most likely NEVER get to so much as be exposed to the amazing savior HE truly is (not just the Modern Day Christian- type Jesus the world sees). It didn’t make sense.

Then one day, I stepped away from all of the legalism, away from the routines and the expectations, and just started to really study what Jesus actually did. What it looked like when He hung out with sinners. How he spoke and how the encounters impacted Him as He moved on to the next.

Here’s what I have come to conclude about fearlessly pursuit your God-given passion and at the same time, guarding your heart

Guard your heart, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23


1. Don’t think too hard about it. Pray about it, leave it alone, and then decide to do it.

Remember Jiminy Cricket? We have a conscious. It may not come wearing a suit and top hat like he did (or the single eye glass thing that my daughter is obsessed with..), but it’s there. If you are a Christian and you have actually been able to accept God as your Savior, then you have been give the gift of the Holy Spirit. This amazing gift is not only your Mediator between you and God, but it is also your compass. If you wave a compass around in the air like a crazy person, it won’t be able to do it’s job. Same can be said for the Holy Spirit. STOP running all over the place trying to be everywhere, do everything, CONTROL ALL OUTCOMES, and give it the stillness that it needs to guide you. He will. Always.

BOTTOM LINE: You are not a chicken with your head cut off. YOU my friend, are not capable of holding it all together. STAND FREAKING STILL!


2. Know Your Limits

Why is this so hard for us? Why in the world, can’t we get this right?

A while ago I read a book called, The Best Yes, By Lysa Terkurst. (You can read my blog post about it HERE) I didn’t think I’d be phased by the book because I wasn’t too bad at saying no, (or so I thought). I didn’t have a problem turning a few things down, I just was one of those people that could handle many things at once. HA. What a lie. The more I took on, the less I protected my heart. I was not doing anything 100% and therefore, opening the door to mistakes and failed attempts at things that brought my moral level down a lot. My Heart was constantly aching because of the things I knew I could do, but could never seem to actually DO.

Bottom Line: You can’t have a healthy heart if you have an iron in every pot you find. Why do we need a healthy heart? Because that’s where our witness for God comes from. Guard your heart

3. Water it. Feed It. Give it the room to Grow in Grace.

For someone like me, it’s easy to forgo my own personal study time with God. I spend day and night in the bible, talking to other’s about it, and writing up things to help other people dig deep into their relationship with Jesus. Why do I need to then sit down and study some more just for me?

Oh silly girl, (I tell myself), you absolutely do. You will not be at peace unless you are able to have your own relationship with God. You will never be able to run fearlessly at your passion if you are not well nourished yourself. It’s just a fact.

Sometimes when things get overwhelming for me, I take a step back and leave everything that I need to do/finish/start, on the floor. It pains me to get off my hamster wheel because I know I will regret it tomorrow, but if I don’t I think I will explode. I will not say this is always easy, most times I don’t actually chose to get off, as much as I propel sideways outside of the contraption and skid my face along the pavement, but at least I get there. Just sitting and creating a new bible page, reading a devotional or a book, or watching a sermon on my Roku, is all the recharging I need to tackle the next day with confidence. Simply sitting in the obedience of silence with the Lord, seems to be like a secret code word for asking God to clear up the pressure of what’s in front of you.

Bottom Line – Try to get off the hamster wheel before you are forced off and end up leaving half your face on the pavement because of it. Nothing will fall apart, you will not end up with a pile of more work to do later, in fact, I bet you anything, God will magically make some of it disappear…


Here’s a freebie for you to use if you’d like!

Just Right click and save! printable-proverbs-4-23




As I am finishing up this post and taking pictures of the journaling entry for today, I ask my daughter to get out the study that she is both-1working on from my friend Ashley over at Peonies & Paper on etsy (she guest posted for me last month and she will be again soon!). Well to my surprise, we open her book to find the day she is on and the whole section is about Guarding your heart and uses the verse Proverbs 4:23!  HOW COOL IS THAT? God is so awesome!

She was excited to use some of what I did in her own entry.

Take a look!


Happy Wednesday!!

Guard your heart


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  1. mary says:

    What a great post and I love the Mason jar freebie!

  2. Margo says:

    Like the info about the hamster wheel. Love your work and heart.

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