Strength & Perseverance- 30 Day Scripture Writing Plan

30 day Scripture writing plan

30 Day Scripture Writing Plan for Strength & Perseverance


We have many choices in life. We can be happy or sad. Angry or forgiving. We can decide to look at the glass as half empty or half full. We have the freedom to make the choice. That freedom is called free will. God gave us this on purpose. He could have made all of our choices for us but that wouldn’t have been worth much. He wanted us to WANT to do the right thing, be happy, love others, to see the glass as half full, etc. If you are making a choice to live the way God intended us to live, then I commend you! I know God has to be happy as well. That means it will be easy right? Because you are doing this to please God, He will reward you with smooth sailing right? Nope. There isn’t anywhere in the bible where  God spoke about life this way. As a matter of fact, the whole, God will only give you what you can handle  junk is a bunch of BS. God will constantly test those that are walking with Him. He will constantly throw more at you than you can bear. He isn’t being mean or trying to punish you. He’s not a parent abusing his authority. No, He’s just aware that if things are hard, you will have the choice to turn to Him. Will you? It won’t be easy. It will take a lot of focused choices and much endurance. That’s why I have put together this 30-day scripture writing plan for strength & perseverance.

I love a scripture writing plan. I find them all over as well as make up my own all of the time. I try to keep up with one all of the time, even if I am doing a bible study. I may not do it every day, but I try, and when I do, God always comes through. It’s like an incredibly short way to have a quick connection with Jesus during your most needed time of the day (whenever that is).


Here is your FREE Scripture writing list & blank writing page template. I pray that it keeps you solidly planted on the ground in the roughest of storms.

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