Do You Know Your Life Verse? If Not, Do You Need To?

As I was doing research for this post I came across an article

on Crosswalk that said, ” Take a Quiz and find out your Life Verse.”   I was a bit taken off guard. I read things from crosswalk quite often, and this wasn’t really in line with what they usually put out there. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see if this test really knew my life verse. I am sure you will be shocked to hear this, but it did not. Didn’t even come close. And it asked some really odd questions. Do you know your life verse?

Do you know your life verse

A life verse can be many things. I think a good broad definition for it would be:

“a verse from scripture that speaks to your heart, almost as though it was written for just you.  It’s very personal, and usually, there is a story behind why we are drawn to that particular Bible verse.” (Quoted from an article I read HERE)

Maybe that could be something that you are modeling your life after, or maybe if you are like me, it’s a reminder of what you are trying to do and WHY you need to do it. It doesn’t have to, and probably shouldn’t, be a verse that describes what you want your life to look like unless you are ACTIVELY working toward that goal to the point where it HAS BECOME part of your life now. I think a life verse needs to be more about YOU as a whole. You know, the parts you can’t control, the parts you are proud of, the parts that describe who YOU are.

So I guess you want to know what mine is? Let me first say, I probably have a couple of them and they most definitely “change” depending on the situation and my current experiences, but this one is the constant. It’s the one that I resonate the most with I suppose.  But again, there is a handful that come in at a close 2nd!

OK, Here it is…..

Philippians 3:16 – “But we must hold on to the PROGRESS we have already made.”

I tend to read out of multiple bibles all of the time.

Laugh if you want but it’s how I do. I sometimes will look it up online at biblehub so I can see more than one translation at once, but most of the time I literally open all my bibles to see what each ones says. (in case I need to underline or highlight something….. yes I know. I am at peace with my OCD). Anyway, as much as this bothers some, my favorite translation is the NLT. I am a no-nonsense kind of person and that translation always speaks to me the best. As I read this verse for one of my bible studies for CBS , (if you have one by you, please go. It is amazing), I heard it differently than I had before. We need to hold on to the progress we have already made. How often do you do that? I know  I pretty much NEVER do. I am quick to beat myself up over my slip ups. I think it has something to do with my Jersey Go Big Or Go Home attitude. Maybe I shouldn’t call them “slip-ups,” they are more like “skidding my face across the pavement & end up in the ER” type scenes. Since I know that I am the only one who does that, I am hard on myself when I let God down. It’s interesting to me because I know that’s not what God is saying to me.

One of my favorite Pastors,

who I follow on social media, watch his sermons online, read his books, etc, has currently stepped down as head pastor of the church he worked for years to build.  He made the announcement about a month ago and he was straight forward with what was going on. He had succumb to some of the serious pressure his job entails, and he was in the beginning stages of a drinking problem. The staff had all decided it was best for him to do this and to enter rehab. My heart hurt for him. The truth was, for some strange reason lately, I had this strange tinge of worry for him. Just seeing ALL that he was doing and the places he had to be. I know the pressure church staff has and I guess I just felt like it was something that was bound to happen. He was going to fall from grace at some point.

For a couple of week’s I avoided reading the daily emails and watching any of the services from his church. I was worried I would see that they had thrown him out with the trash and my comfort in their way of doing church would be crushed. Today, I ripped off the band-aid and watched a sermon with the new head pastor. It happened to be a sermon about community and needing others to walk with you. He reaffirmed for me, the whole reason that my heart lies in the way these people do church. They weren’t treating this like a huge scandal or the elephant in the room, they were talking about it as a regular occurrence. It was something they were using to model what to do now. How to walk forward WITH him. Why it didn’t change the core person inside of him that wanted to truly follow Jesus. That no matter how far down you slide, you NEVER lose the progress you have already made thus far. You are not a failure. It was not all a lie. You were not fooling yourself. Whatever you did, however you strayed, you still have a chance to go forward. You STILL have all of those things behind you, holding you up and pushing you forward. I guess this verse is part of my fuel to go forward each day and my reminder of the GRACE that God has/is/will always give me. (You too!)

I am not going to give you “20 Life Verses that are PERFECT for you” or a quiz to match you up with the right verse. It feels like I would be taking God out of it and giving you the verses I think are worthy. God is the only one who can guide your heart in the right direction. Pray and wait for Him to show you the best verse for you. When He does post it in the comments below!

If you already have one the by all means, please do tell….What’s your Life Verse?


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