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This is just an extra post for me. I didn’t intend on putting it on my blog but as I went to share the article to my facebook page, I noticed that it was proving to be quite a long facebook status. I encourage comments and discussion only if you read the actual article and only if your opinion is not self-serving.

I share this with hesitation. I feel like it is something that should be read, however, please hear me say, there is more to the story than just racism against blacks. The statistics are real, but as a psychology major, I was taught statistics are not always 100% clear measures when it comes to proving your point, lots of other variables are not considered. This isn’t about hating anyone for me. It’s about DIMINISHING SOMEONE’S VALUE JUST SO WE CAN MAKE SURE THE PLAYING FIELD IS EQUAL. I am so sick of hearing the words, “equal,” and “fair.” As a famous Pastor used to say (or maybe still does lol), “Trust me, you don’t want fair.”

Black lives matterLet me ask you, “Does your boss care about your feelings when they fire you for crappy performance?” No, you deserve it. “Does the bank care about your feelings when they say they can’t approve you for a loan? No, suck it up and fix your s***. It’s often OUR fault when consequences like this are brought against us. It seems like our world has adapted the habit of deflecting our wrong doings by crying about unfairness & making excuses. Sounds ridiculous. When you hear a child doing it, you call them on it right away. Why are we not calling the grownups on it too?  All lives matter

So I ask you to read this article and look at the overall point. Don’t let the small things you may disagree with, cause you to render the whole article invalid because it is not. They are correct. Of course #AllLivesMatter, but we don’t use that as an argument against the Jews for the Holocaust now do we? images (1)

Black lives matterQuit being so selfish. Quit feeling like you are being overlooked. Quit making it about you. The truth is, #BlackLivesMatter. 





     I’d love to hear your comments on the article after you’ve read it! What do you think?

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