Spring Cleaning for The Soul


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Easter Sunday has come and gone. I am happy to say that I spent quite a good bit of time getting my heart ready for Easter during the previous few weeks. During this month’s Featured Bible Study, “Just as He Said,” (from my shop)  I asked my readers to peel away the chaos and flashy lights, and really spend some time focusing on the story of Easter. Over each page of the study, I encouraged the mantra “Read, Meditate, Change.” If you purchased one, how well did you do with it? I will tell you that we are halfway through the month and I am working hard at taking my own advice. I’ve done lots of “reading” and even some “Meditating” but I haven’t quite tackled the “change” part just yet. I am thinking it’s about time to figure out what that looks like.

We are about to be in our 2nd quarter of 2017. Did your January start off with a bang? Like me, you probably began this year being inspired by your “One Word,” organizing every shelf and drawer (OK, maybe that took me through the month of January but still), setting goals and forcing new routines on the unrelenting people who have the grave misfortune of being in your daily circle. (Sorry kids!) Intentions were pure, motivation was high, you were ready to go. Sound about right? Now take a look around your “area.” Is it still organized? Are you still getting up early to do the family Bible verse? Do you remember the last time you took your “One Word” and applied it to your day? Don’t feel bad, I am standing next to you in this sinking ship.

Here, I brought you a life jacket and a piece of chocolate. It’s going to be OK.

I can only speak for myself, but I would bet most of you can relate. My well planned out life is starting to feel the clutter build up. The piles are getting higher and the kids are cooperating a little less. Maybe you’ve slacked on your gym time or you’ve skipped your planned quiet time a few days a week. It’s probably something that you (like me) were trying to avoid addressing. Like a fool, I keep telling myself that I’ve not veered off course too far yet, I can still pull it back. Reality smacks me in the face as out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of a living room that has been taken over by Bible Journaling remnants and homeschool papers. I can no longer live in denial. Enough is enough.

So here it is, the change aspect of this month’s mantra will be coming into my life in the form of some good old fashioned spring cleaning.

This means I will need to step back, re-group and de-clutter. How in the world can I do the Lord’s work if I am constantly scurrying to get things accomplished or stepping over boxes and bags filled with who knows what, vowing to pick them up later? I am looking to the Lord to bless my efforts, but I am standing in front of Him holding a big mess of goo. Who wants to use that to save souls? Better yet, who will believe anything I say if I walk around with paint in my hair for weeks simply because I haven’t made time to figure out how to get it out! (I know what you’re thing. Yes I’ve tried washing it. It’s oil based paint.) Amazingly, I still wonder why my stress level has been through the roof and my anxiety has been over taking my days at least a few times a week again. It’s time to clean house.

Luck for you…. I will be dragging you all along with me! 

You will find Today’s FREE PRINTABLE at the bottom of this post. For the next 4 weeks I will take a look at what the Bible has to say about WHY we need to do “spring cleaning” and how exactly one goes about doing it.

Here’s the run down of what you can expect for the next 4 weeks:

1) Where does one look for clutter and what does one do when they find it?

2) What effects does clutter have on both our work for the Lord, as well as our relationship with Him.

3) How to maintain the newly cleaned house and why it is necessary to keep the weeds at bay.  

4) How to add things back into the new, reorganized house without undoing all the hard work & efforts put in to cleaning it!


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Alright peeps, it’s time to have that much needed conversation with yourself and get ready to start pulling out the old and making room for the new!

Here’s the first free printable set for you! Download it and get your heart ready for some spring cleaning!


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  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for the renewal of my soul…

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