FREE January Hand Lettering Practice Pages!

FREE January Hand Lettering Practice Pages!

Hello Friends!

How is 2017 going for you so far? Do you have your ONE WORD yet? Have you finished your January Bible Study from the shop yet? February is rounding the corner soon! I haven been working hard on everything for next month AND trying to keep up with my own quiet time! I still have 2 more sections left to go! Stay tuned to get a peek at what I will do for those last 2 sections soon! I am a bit giddy about it! I wish I could just ignore all my responsibilities, let the kids teach themselves, and forget about orders for a while, JUST SO I COULD SPEND A WHOLE DAY PAINTING IN MY BIBLE! Sounds like a good time doesn’t it? Maybe we could meet at some fancy hotel and lock ourselves in there for a day with ALL the crafting supplies we can find…. or better yet, maybe we can get locked in a Hobby Lobby….

But I digress…. back to the task at hand. I have an AWESOME freebie for you today! Even with the craziness of the beginning of 2017, I didn’t forget you all! I am so very excited to bring you this FREEBIE today! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??? . HERE IT IS…… DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..  My Friends, I have created a 13 page Hand lettering/Brush Lettering practice packet! (Eeeekkk! I know!)

This packet includes 5 different fonts, 2 script, 1 brush lettering and 2 print lettering. Each of the 5 fonts has 2 pages, one alphabet page and one page with words that go with the JANUARY theme. Then there are 2 pages with quotes to letter at the end. EXCITING ISN”T IT????

Oh and did you catch that? I said January Theme. Yes Folks, that means that once a month I will be creating these awesome packets for you, a little different each time. I am SO excited for you!!! 

GRAB THE 13 PAGE, FREE Downloadable Practice Pages HERE



Check out my FREE Downloadable Lettering Lesson books and Lettering Workbooks! TONS of pages with information, how to’s, drills, and practice pages! You can grab a copy of those HERE. Stay tuned for a NEW Brush Lettering Lesson Book coming soon! 

Don’t forget about the Monthly Scripture Writing Plan for January. You can grab that HERE. This is all about just being obedient and writing God’s word daily. There’s a page with the plan for the month, a page to write the verse and your thoughts/notes, and then a page to do the lettering challenge (optional). 


GRAB THE 13 PAGE, FREE Downloadable Practice Pages HERE

The FREE Lettering Lessons Books & Workbooks HERE

The Scripture Writing Plan for January HERE


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