4 Things You NEED TO KNOW About Prayer

4 things you need to know about prayer

There are times when we feel incredibly close to God.

Times when we can almost feel the tangible presence of Him as we go through our day. Like we are having conversations directly with Him & in turn, receiving immediate answers. These times give us fuel to keep moving forward as Christians. During these seasons, we have little, if any, doubts about our choices. We just know we are walking in obedience to God. We feel happy, comfortable, secure. God wants us to be here with Him all of the time. He is not going to be the reason these situations change. The decisions we make, the temptations we allow ourselves to fall to, the short cuts and excuses we open the door for, are the reasons our blissful seasons with God come and go. How can we prevent these lapses in time with God? How can we get back on track when we are straining to feel God’s presence? Here are 4 ESSENTIAL things you need to know about prayer, that will help strengthen your relationship with God.

We are Dependent On God for EVERYTHING4 things you need to know about prayer

Psalm 86 talks about how our needs should drive us to God in prayer because He Is the ONLY one who can save us.

Is that how you are living? As if your prayers to God are the only answer to your problems? As if there is NO OTHER OPTION worth even so much as thinking about, because in the end, you know it won’t be worth it. Are you that dependent on God?

When I find myself out of the tangible grace of God, I can bet that I am not living as if this is true. I am depending on myself to find a way to fix things. make them liveable again. Until I not only admit, but accept the fact that there is nothing I can do to fix it myself, I will only be running against God’s current.

Read Psalm 86 and remind yourself that YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON GOD FOR EVERYTHING.

4 things you need to know about prayer

Most People Avoid Praying Out Loud or In Private Because They Don’t Think They Can Explain Thier Problem Properly.

God gave us many examples of how to pray. How often do we model our prayers after the person in our Sunday School class who is never afraid to pray (and never forgets a prayer request! How in the world does she do that?! I am lucky if I can remember the person’s name next to me, let alone what they said 10 mins ago. Unless it was about their cat. Anyone someone asks me to pray for a cat everything about them is permanently ingrained in my head.)

Or what about the pastor’s wife who always knows just what to say, when to say it and exactly how long to pray. Maybe if you close your eyes a little tighter and focus on God a little more you will be able to channel your inner eloquent pray-er that certainly lives inside somewhere. Deep. Deep. Deep, down.

Yes these people are intimidating and we all have a little bit of sinful envy towards them. They use their words well and say things that we didn’t even know we were thinking. Clearly, they have a direct line to God and God would laugh at our efforts as He pretends He doesn’t hear us. Right? …. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Still, it’s often where our mind goes when we let it.

I am pretty sure that we are supposed to be modeling our prayers after Jesus and not the church-iest person in the room. Mark 1:35, Matthew 6:9-13, 11:25-26, 14:23, all give us a picture of Jesus praying from different angles. How about if we try to model after that?

You Can Pray While You Vaccum

You can pray while you make lunch. You can pray while you fold socks. You can pray while you are driving. You can even pray while you skip rocks (it rhymed….). Don’t let yourself get hung up on the fact that you slept through your quiet time or you can’t find your prayer journal. Lately, our days are packed to the brim. You mean well. You make plans and commit to yourself that you will let nothing get in your way. But that never seems to matter, something always does. It’s time for you to accept that and make a new plan.

Pray all the time. Over random things. Short prayers with run on sentences. Prayers that do not begin with Dear God or end with Amen. Whatever comes to mind, whenever, wherever.

4 things you need to know about prayer

Prayer Changes Things

You’ve undoubtedly heard this said, but do you believe in it? The only way for you to really KNOW this truth, is to deeply believe this statement with all of your heart. These 3 little words are the game changers for you. Meditate on them, find rest in them, BELIEVE THEM.


Dear Lord, 

I thank you for this platform that allows me to speak to people who I probably will never even meet. I thank you for using me to not just share your word with others; but SHOW it to them as well. Lord, I whole-heartedly believe in the power of prayer and the  certainness that you will answer. God I have seen you answer many people’s prayers including my own and I know that you are ready to speak to each person who this reaches. Lord I pray for you to TANGIBLY be present in their day. For them to exhale a breathe they have been holding in for far too long, all because they finally can rest in your comforting grace. Lord give them the time to sit with you today. Give them the words to speak to you and the ears to hear what you have to say in response. Comfort the hurting and broken. Refresh the worn-down and exhausted. Empower each and every one of them to be confident in their relationship with you. I ask all this in your HOLY NAME. 


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