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One of my favorite Christian authors is Lysa TerKerst. She has some great books and20140729_Lysa2 I love to follow her blog posts. I am really big on one-liners. I love when I come across a quote or
sentence that just really explains everything I feel deeply passionate about in just one short phrase. I came across this one from Mrs. Terkerst this morning.

I think I will print it out and color it 🙂


The bible talks a good bit about making sure that your actions  come from the motivation to please God and not to please man. That is not always easy. Sometimes your motivations aren’t quite as apparent as you think. Let’s take an example from me personally. I am LOVING the way my ministry work seems to be going right now. I am reaching people all over the country and getting to know them on a more personal basis. It is humbling and brings me great joy, to walk along side them in their current daily life. I pray every day, that I wait on the Lord to push me in the directions I need to go, give me the words that person needs to hear, begin the project that someone else needs to see. I am so worried I will get ahead of myself and start to make decisions based on what I think people need. That’s dangerous ground to be on. In my experience, it often works out in the beginning for me. One of my spiritual gifts is mercy. God has blessed me with the ability to really feel other’s emotions right along with them. So my first try at making the decisions is usually effective. This is not a good thing. It’s enabling. Because of this, I think I can go ahead and move a little further away from God and on to my own. I don’t mean to, I don’t intentionally say, “I am not waiting for God. He’s taking too long.” It just kind of happens.  Think about it like this; you are walking along your path and God is right next to you. He is tangible to you. You can see him, touch him and hear him clearly. You are having a great conversation. You are faced with a decision, he gives you guidance for that decision pretty quickly, you go and carry out His directions and come back to your nature hike with Him as if it’s only been a few minutes. Things went smoothly, the outcome worked out like it should have, you are back on your hike with not bumps in the road. Sounds ideal right? I know this is not Godly but being in this place terrifies me. It’s like things are going TOO smoothly. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Now let’s not be so predictable and say that the other shoe does drop, because sometimes it’s not that obvious. Maybe a bird flies over to you on your hike & interrupts, wanting to speak with God. Of course, you are fine with that so you pause a minute to look at the landscape around you. God walks over to a bench with the bird and starts to converse. (Now let me be clear here, GOD is not the one distracted. He is God. He can carry on a conversation with you and the bird, bake an apple pie, milk a cow and brush my daughter’s knotted hair all at the same time and never falter or make a mistake. But that doesn’t mean He has to do that or that there is a reason for him to do that.) So you are over there looking at the flowers and someone walks up to you needing your help. Maybe they just ask you a simple question. It’s simple enough. You can handle this. You don’t want to disturb God. So you start to walk down the path slowly with this person and begin to help them. After a minute or so you are unsure about one of their questions or how to lead them properly so you stop. Turn around and realize you are about 30 yards away from God. If you just yell “excuse me” real quickly, He can help you out and you can both go on with your work/conversations. Easy peasy, you do it and it works. So you turn around, satisfied with the way YOU handled the situation and keep walking.

All is good and well for a little while longer and then another tough one comes up. You try to figure it out on your own for a second, realize that isn’t the best decision and then decide to stop and yell back to God again. It had only been a short time, you couldn’t have been too far away. When you turn back to look at him you realize you are 100 yards away and can still see him but not very clearly. You figure you’d try anyway. God hears you call to him, He hears your question, and he answers it. You heard most of it but some of it was a little muffled. You don’t want to bother Him again, so you don’t ask Him to repeat it.  You spend a lot of time with God. You 2 are tight. Surely you know what He said anyway. You got this. And you turn and keep walking & talking to your new hiking buddy…..

So I am sure you see where this is going. You don’t intend to do it on your own, but eventually, you are so far from God that you aren’t clear on what He is saying. You decide it’s ok to trust in yourself because you are pretty sure you know what He would say/do and you just keep moving forward, further and further from God. What’s your motivation to do this? Are you doing it because you want to please God and show Him how you can do this yourself and He should be proud? No, probably not. You are probably trying to please or impress the new hiking buddy. You are not working in this situation in order to please God anymore. If you were, you would stop and get closer to Him so you were positive that you understood His directions.

You see, it’s easy for us to INTEND to do the work God has laid out for us, yet begin to go in a different direction to please others. It requires INTENTIONAL actions with planned out goals in mind, for you to STAY on that path with God right next to you and not stray.

Are you stopping to shout to God every one in a while, or are you whispering in his ear?


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