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One of my absolute favorite verses is Luke 5:16. It seems to be like God is sayingf070463efd14d2976fbc15d5e6f8ee2d, “I totally get you, don’t worry.” I became a Christian at 25 years old. I am now 33. I walked right into the world of praying out loud, Beth Moore bible study groups and hallmark cards with prayers written by William Shakespeare. It seemed like everyone around me was able to pray out loud, well. It totally discouraged me. I am a natural born leader and I stayed away from leading in places I would be expected to publically pray (whether in a group, on a stage, or even just encouraging notes). I felt like I was doing something wrong. Everyone else could pray out loud, why couldn’t I?

Let me preface by saying this. Our society has changed so very much even in the short time I’ve been on this earth. Our definition of “public” or “out loud” is not the same as it used to be. Sharing on this facebook group is a PUBLIC expression of our faith. Sending Happy Mail can be stressful if we aren’t careful. We see what others send and we aren’t sure we can be as “Jesus-y” as they were. Public, in my use of the word today, doesn’t mean standing on a stage in front of lots of people. It just means sharing it with others some how.

I don’t remember the reason I was reading Luke 5 that day but I do remem
ber reading it and having an epiphany. Jesus, who can talk to God anytime, who could answer His OWN prayers, went away by Himself to pray at his most desperate moments. That gave me some peace.

Whether you were born in the church parking lot or have fallen into true understanding of your relationship with Christ more recently, so many of us struggle to pray openly. Please know that it doesn’t matter if you can’t. Even if you have been a Christian all your life. God wants you to fall on your knees in prayer TO HIM. It’s not about how fancy you can make a letter to someone sound. Remember the Pharisees made it a priority to publically pray loud, show-off kinds of prayers and Jesus condemned them for that. Publically praying is in no way, wrong, I have been blessed with a few ladies who have inspired my prayer life because of their public words to God and I am grateful for that. However, HOW WELL WE PUBICALLY WORSHIP DOESN’T MATTER ONE BIT.

ANY TYPE OF SHARING ¬†WARMS MY HEART. Whether it is posting a page you have completed in your bible or just a journal, answering a question someone else has posted, encouraging another or simply saying you will pray for someone. I never look at what is said or how it is said, I just see the fact that is was done and my heart smiles. These are the true ways to worship Jesus and share God’s love.

I attached a free printable today! Use it in your margins or print it out and just decorate/color it if you want! Let it be a reminder to you that Jesus WANTS you to crave time spent alone, praying to him. Click Luke 5 16 for the free printable!


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