Today I Choose Joy

This week has been crazy busy for me! With Daniel out of town during the week, a half finished homeschool year, my step son still in public school, my Etsy Store, Blog, facebook, new furniture being delivered (thanks mom. Anyone want a bookshelf or a lamp, or a night stand?), I am finding that the whole day is gone and I don’t even remember eating lunch. (Yes mom, I fed the kids, they always eat). Orders for the store were coming in left and right (thank you JESUS!) and schedules seemed to get changed constantly. I could do some good for myself if I stayed home and shut myself in the house all day. I could get ahead and be at peace again. NORMALLY, this is the time when I would say NO to all other things and sit down and focus, but today I can’t do that. Today I am Choosing Joy over work.
I have a dear friend who taught me a lot about Joy this year.images She made it her 2016 word (mine is sacrifice, can you tell?) and she was faithful to follow it through some difficult circumstances.  I love this quote ————->
I have found a lot of quotes about Joy since all of this started. Some searched for and some not. This one here is a bit different for me though. “Today I choose Joy” and “Find the Joy” and all of the other more recognizable ones are inspiring. They make you want to really believe in it. They give you motivation & purpose. This one however, is an afterthought. It is telling you the consequence of choosing to be joyful. I got to see this one play out right in front of me. This is a PROVEN quote in my eyes.
So this sweet friend was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2015. It was crazy how quickly things spiraled for her and how bad they really were. I wasn’t mad at God because I really don’t ever doubt his choices, I was just hurt for her. She didn’t deserve this. She is a mom of a bazillion kids. One of those mom’s who plays outside on the trampoline with you. She is happy and positive and always loving on everyone. She cares about people. She RADIATES JESUS. She didn’t deserve this. At the beginning I felt God was telling me to encourage her because I was right, she didn’t deserve this. She wasn’t going through it for herself. I know this is harsh but I was confident He was telling me that she was going through this BECAUSE of her faith in Jesus and how unafraid to show that she truly was. She was STRONG ENOUGH TO HANDLE CANCER and glorify God. And there is NO doubt in my mind that she did just that. She smiled at surgeons who said she wasn’t taking things seriously when she told them ‘God will heal me.’ She taught her class at our CC community with hair falling onto everyone’s shoulder she hugged. She sent us videos of her whipping off her wig in the car and dancing. She made jokes and cried tears. She went through this all with grace. I don’t want it to seem like she didn’t cry or get angry because she did, but she came out of that with grace too. She invited b3ee24b1ed371c8ff55aa8733717163cpeople into her journey and she LOUDLY exclaimed her trust in God all day, every day, every chance she got. She Chose Joy.
Yesterday was her last day of Chemo. She still has a long road ahead of her but this is a moment to celebrate. She allowed God to use her in a very violent and aggressive way. She made it through to this point with a smile on her face and she has much to praise his name for. I couldn’t be happier for her and I couldn’t think of a better example of glorifying God.

Today is a day for me to choose joy. Not work. Not cleaning. Not school. Joy. So I made her a special present and we are heading over there soon. I will post pictures of the present and tell you about how we celebrated with joy later. She stalks me so I don’t want to ruin the surprise before we get there!

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