Scripture Writing Plan

monthly scripture writing




(For Past Plans & Scripture Writing Worksheets Click HERE!)


Why do I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Scripture Writing?

Because my best conversations with God have ALWAYS seemed to come from Scripture writing.

I have always envied the people who say that they sat down, just started reading the Bible and God spoke to them. I won’t say that this has never happened to me, but I will say that it hasn’t happened very often. I often need a little push. Something to tell me where to go.

Enter, Scripture writing. A practice that I started about 3 years ago and have been faithfully doing ever since! Ok so how does it work?

Over the last 3 years, I have purchased notebooks that have prompts in them (LOVE these!write-the-word I got my last one from Laura Casey. You can find it HERE and check out the pictures to the right).  These are great, but cost money that I don’t always have! 




I’ve also used other people’s plans lasting for a week, a month, & one time I tried one that was a 3 month plan! (That was a tough one to keep diligent with! I am not the best with long-term discipline). These are also awesome and they inspired me to help all of you jump in and start Scripture Writing too!

So here it is…. Each month, I give you all a pretty page with the Scriptures to copy for each day, and  a response worksheet with space for you to copy the Scripture and also a space to write a response.  You can print out and use each day to write the scripture (which is totally optional, you can just use a notebook or whatever is hand, if you’d like!) I also include an optional Lettering Challenge for all of my hand lettering Junkies out there! Make sure if you do this part AND you want to post it, you tag me and use the hashtags that the page says! I love to see!!!

The whole point is to copy the Scripture and be still with God so that He can speak to you through them.  

Here’s the Rules:

  1. Download the document or save it to your computer/phone
  2. Copy the scripture word for word in whatever translation you wish, each day
  3. Don’t spaz out if you miss a day.
  4. Sit still and let God speak to you. There is a message in the day’s Scripture specifically for you. All you have to do is be open to hearing it.
  5. If you do the lettering challenge AND WANT TO SHARE IT, post it on any social media platform you’d like, tag me (either Becky Faulkner or My Embraced Grace) and use the hashtags #myembracedgrace #myembracedgraceletteringchallenge

THAT’S IT! Not too complicated right? Without further ado… Here is this month’s Scripture Writing Plan!

Click HERE to download the Plan!