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Saturday was a bit of a disastrous mess for me. I had high hopes and even made preparations beforehand. I had a to-do list a mile long and I was insistent on knocking out more than half of it. I probably would have too, if I lived alone and avoided all outside people for the day…

99% of the time I will tell you that I am BEYOND grateful for the fact that I don’t have to work outside of our home. I can be here, homeschool my daughter and step-sons, tell people about Jesus and color in my bible all day. I GET to encourage other’s in their walk with Jesus on my own time, in my living room (maybe one day Daniel will build me an office). I can choose to work at any hour of the day and I don’t have to change out of my beloved yoga pants if I don’t want to. I make my schedule, get to attend all of the kids “things,” be home when someone’s sick and nurture their education. I am blessed with the ministry God has given me in our facebook group and with my Etsy Store. It is truly amazing and I am still amazed that God is seeing me fit to do any of this. But there are some downsides, one in particular.

You see, Saturday was such a mess because I had (in my head of course) an idea of things that had to get done in order to keep all of the plates spinning, and I did a FRACTION of what I expected to. I was trying, really. I just kept getting interrupted… but small mouths asking for advice or guidance. Sometimes even the larger mouth (my husband) would defer to me for an opinion. I wanted to scream. I couldn’t get in my groove and I was frustrated. On top of that, I have real deadlines and responsibilities to others and being the answer guru was just throwing a big wrench in my plans. At around 3pm, I finally admitted the fact that I was about to rip someone’s head off, and stopped trying to get it all done. Instead, we went over to my friend’s house for “just a few hours” aka 5pm to 1:30am. We are irresponsible people. What’s sad is, we did nothing but talk, eat, play with my new Silhouette and watch Superman (that Man of Steel movie or whatever it’s called). At first, I felt guilty but then after a little while, I realized that trying to beat the day into submission wasn’t going to work, this was a better choice.

As we got in the car to leave, I threatened my whole family with death if they bothered me the whole time we were there (there are like 100 kids between the 2 of our families, they didn’t need to ask me things, they just like to know what we are doing) and we headed on our way. It’s funny because a few times earlier during the day, I noticed myself wondering where I could get some direction from. I mean, the kids were asking me EVERYTHING they had stored up in their little brains for the last month and my husband was no help. He either made them more confused (on purpose… he thinks it’s funny) or he asked me something too. I didn’t have anyone to go to for guidance. I couldn’t reflect on the situation with anyone else and come up with a better way to handle the day. I needed some guidance myself.

This probably happens to you quite often too. It’s like we are the ultimate guidance givers but then when it comes to us, we have no one to get the good advice from most of the time. I believe that this is part of the punishment God bestowed on us (women) in the Garden. Right after declaring labor pains. Do you feel like you are lacking in guidance?

I decided I would look up some scriptures about guidance and write them down so that I could have them in my journal to grab and read when I needed a bit of a boost. I even made a prayer sheet so that I could pray that specific verse in an intentional way. A lot of the verses I found came from Psalms so I decided to focus there.

Here is a List of 10 Bible Verses about Guidance. Make sure you read to the bottom so you can grab your printable List of verses and the prayer sheet that I made!  I hope these are as helpful and calming to you, as they are to me!


10 Verses (From the book of Psalms)  to Pray When You Need GUIDANCE:             (Printable prayer page is just below!)

Verses for Guidance


Click HERE for the printable prayer page!

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