5 Go-to Bible Verses for When You Are Beat Down

Are you worn out? Exhausted? Do you feel like the stress of everyday life is beating you down? I sympathize. More days than not, it seems like I need a pick me up or a little push just to make it through the day without collapsing. This is no way to live! If you can relate then I have a little trick I use to stop the negativity right in it’s tracks and get some regeneration in my soul. Here are 5 Go-To bible verses for when you are beat down!


#1 – Matthew 11:28bible verses for when you are beat down

There is just something comforting in the thought of hearing the Lord say, “Come To Me.” It’s as if He knows the pain of the weight I am carrying and He will take it all away.




#2 – Psalm 127:1bible verses for when you are beat down

How often do you feel like whatever you try, you are still running into a wall. The stress and frustration are wearing you down. Are you allowing the Lord to help you “build this house”? Surrender it to Him and know that there is a much easier way to do this.



#3 – Galatians 6:9bible verses for when you are beat down

Read this as a reminder to yourself. There is a goal that will be reached as long as you KEEP GOING!





Bible Verses for when you are beat down#4 Exodus 33:14

You are never alone. It may feel like it but the reality is, God is standing there with you. Everytime. Move forward with that thought as your motivation. Let it bring you a positive attitude from here on out!






#5- Psalm 4:8Bible verses for when you are beat down

Think about the idea of rest. Does your soul long for a good nights sleep? This verse gives off the feeling of security. Sometimes all it takes is a good nights rest to see everything completely differently in the morning. Allow yourself to find security in God’s arms, and REST.





God’s word is an amazing tool that often gets overlooked. Use these verses to empower your days. Turn to God when you need Him. REST in Him.

What verses do you turn to for comfort? Leave a comment below so you can share them with others!

Have an amazing day!

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