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As I prepared to write this morning devotional, Romans 1:16 kept coming to my mind. In my short Christian life I have learned that when this happens, you need to go with it. God is trying to speak to someone and I want to let Him!

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As you sit here and read this I am sure that you are not ashamed of the Gospel. You clearly believe (or you are starting to believe…) otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this and begun to read it. But what about sharing it? Could you share this on your twitter account or whatever you are using to read this? (I laugh a little as I type this. I sound like one of those posts that threaten damnation for anyone who doesn’t share it immediately. HA. I loathe those posts. If they are true I am in trouble.). But seriously, though, can people tell that you 100% are sold out to God? Do the people you encounter know that you are a believer?  Well, maybe we need to ask a few questions first….

Are you really 100% sold out to God, or do you still have questions? It’s ok if you do. That’s totally normal and I am sorry to have to deliver the bad news but, we are always going to have questions. Everything will not be answered until we get to be with Jesus. That being said, I wonder if you are hesitant to share your faith because you haven’t bought into it all yet. If that’s the case, don’t just sit there! Go out and get those questions answered! Don’t waste any more time! Ask another believer who you trust. They may not know the answer but they should be able to help you find it!

Do you think you aren’t “called” to go around “preaching” or trying to tell others about Jesus? Do you think that is better left up to the church staff and missionaries? Again, I hate to bring the bad news, but there is no amount of studying that is going to give you the upper hand when it comes to convincing others about Jesus. That’s not our job and if we take it on, we aren’t doing things completely and therefore they will eventually blow up in our face! You have a story, you have a belief in your own mind. You can only talk about what you know. Be a humble believer. Take the opportunities you have and leave the logistics up to God. It’s His job to change their hearts anyway…

So I charge you today, GO OUT, SHARE JESUS. DO IT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL! And do it because you trust God to the heavy lifting!

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