Here’s to the Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day I wrote a short study about 5 characteristics of moms that resonate Jesus. The whole point was to get away from the scariness of the proverbs 31 woman. To many those verses are so very intimidating. For some reason, they have always made me picture Rosie from The Jetsons. (Some of you probably don’t even know who that is…. See YouTube Video )  As a person who didn’t come from a bible belt world, this entire proverb used to really turn me off to Christianity during the beginning of my walk with God. It seemed impossible. Certainly something I could never accomplish once, let alone on a regular basis. (Accept for maybe when they give me a Rx for Prednisone. These last few days have been magical. I know it’s coming to an end though, they only gave me 5 days worth).

As the years went on and my walk with God grew closer, I began to see the examples of the Proverbs 31 woman more frequently in the IMPERFECT women around me. It started to make more sense. The woman these verses describe isn’t perfect at all…

In honor of the approach of Mother’s Day, I wrote a list of “mother’s” to honor & cherish today. I am sure you will see some of yourself in here, especially if we are friends. All of these are real-life examples of mother’s all around me who RADIATE Jesus.

HERE’S TO THE MOM…..  (See Proverbs 31 here’s a link to it)

Here’s to the Mom who  kisses her husband in front of the kids, every morning, before they all leave to go about their daily schedules. It grosses the kids out tremendously and the image is burned in their brains forever…..Even when they are married themselves…

Here’s to the Mom who attempted to sew their child’s church play costume,  failed miserably, and had to ask someone else to help. Because of you, your child will know that you fail, and you ask for help, and in the end, it was all good!

Here’s to the Mom who gave your child chocolate chip mini muffins for breakfast every day for the last 3 years. (I woke up early to do it too! Yes, I am praising myself. It took a lot for me to let go of the whole,’ eat a nutritious breakfast’ thing because she is like fighting with a demon spawn in the mornings. And besides, she just going to ask me to eat again every hour on the hour after that. I can fit in the Banana or yogurt there).

Here’s to the Mom who get’s up at the crack of dawn to get 4-5 (depending on the day), children ready to leave the house. They should be commended. Especially when one particularly difficult child is “attacked by the water in the sink aka mom’s makeup.” Who cares if you all get to your destination with and notice no one has shoes on, it’s just Walmart.

Here’s to the Mom who juggles 3 home businesses, homeschools and still finds time to look for beach houses. Your kids see you and one day they will be grown-ups and understand just how much discipline that really took and what it really means to be able to afford a beach house.

Here’s to the Mom who can sew tin whistle cases. Because I can’t and someone needs to show my child that mom’s are supposed to be able to do that.

Here’s to the Mom who stay up late and prepare for the day tomorrow. It may seem nuts to set the table at 8pm the night before, but it pays off! And again, your kids see how looney you are and they will remember it one day….

Here’s to the Mom who‘s grown/20/30 year-old children were able to write pages about you when asked for something to read in honor of you. It’s amazing what they saw you do and how much of an effect you really had on them. Even more amazing to see how they all walk with Jesus, in different ways, because of what you showed them.

Here’s to the Mom who doesn’t ever get a thank you, gets shamed publically in car line for forgetting to pack their child’s favorite pencil, feels underappreciated and unnoticed. You are all doing it right. One day, your kids will see just how hard you worked at being like Jesus. 🙂

ps – here’s an extra. I am sure if they had carline back then, it would be included in the Proverb anyway.

Here’s to the Mom who does carline. I believe car line comes from the devil. It’s like you enter a zone where you lose all your marbles and act like a crazy person just to pick up a kid who is in a bad mood because 3-5 is the witching hour for most of them. It takes a special mom to want to get in a line hours ahead of time just to pick up their kid and be out of there in about 10 mins tops after the bell rings. It’s ok that you left the battery on and the car died (I did that once too), it’s ok if you don’t know how to properly navigate it and cut off everyone who has been waiting there for an eternity and knows to leave room for the buses to come out, and it’s ok if your other kid is screaming their head off and you forget that you car isn’t sound proof and other people can see you beat your kid in the back seat. On a happy note, I have found that car line is a wonderful place to exhibit punishments for m6th-gradede step-son. I can show up in my mismatched sweatpants, wearing rainboots and a messy bun and get out of the car to open the door for him, all while singing Frozen’s Let it Go. It only has to happen once and a while in order to be a very effective threat.

PPS – Frozen’s out, MEATLOAF’S PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT IS IN. It’s been a good morning 🙂

Here’s to the COMMON Moms who do their best every day and feel like they fail. If you feel that way it means that at least you tried! Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

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