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I am a mean mom and I make my kids actually look things up in the dictionary. Yes, the paper one. I, on the other hand, get to flaunt my adult-ness in their faces by looking things up on my phone. I installed the Dictionary app a few months ago and I love it. Not because I need to know the meaning of a lot of words, but because each morning it sends me a “Word of the Day.” They are amazing. Today’s word was “JimJams.” (Yesterday’s was furphy – which I will hold on to for another day. Love it. )
So what does the bible say about JIMJAMS?
JimJams means – extreme nervousness.
Proverbs 21:15 Says “When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.”

As Christians, we shouldn’t experience JimJams often and if we do we should be alerted to the fact that something isn’t right. JimJams, can be used as a Jiminy Cricket or a conscience gauge (or maybe the Holy Spirit talking to you…..) . To have JimJams indicates that you are NOT on the right path. The action you are involved in is not righteous. If the action was a righteous one, you wouldn’t be experiencing JimJams. BEWARE!
ps – I googled JimJam for a picture…. this is what I got LOL

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