Why It’s Not Good To Be A Christian

not good to be a christian

I am not quite sure where to start this.

The heaviness of the title is already weighing on me. “Why It’s Not Good To Be A Christian.” I am sure as you read this, you have your own lists of reasons. I am not sure that they would match mine. My list doesn’t include things like, because we are treated badly,  or because no one takes us seriously. This isn’t about the complaints I have from the decision I made. I often see things differently than those around me and it’s hard to accept that. I can feel my opinion deep down in my heart and if you can’t understand where I am coming from, even AFTER I show you, well, then that weighs immensely on my soul. It’s taken me a long time to understand the factors that play a part in what thoughts will form inside of one’s head. It’s crazy when you think about it really. We could be completely different people, with different opinions and experiences, if we were just born somewhere else. If we were born TO someone else. If something else happened. We are all a product of our environment. I do not believe there is a question about that. No matter what God has put inside of us, no matter who we are intended to be, what is going on around us, what we expose ourselves to, WHERE we are, is what makes us who we are.

Now before you attack me, I am not saying that everyone is going to react the same because they are in the same place/situation. Not at all. BECAUSE of WHO WE ARE, we react to things differently. This still doesn’t change what I consider to be true. Our surroundings CHANGE who we are. Maybe in a good way. Maybe not. I started to wonder what it was that caused us to become the person we were and do we have to stay this way? Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? It would be easy to say that it wasn’t our fault wouldn’t it? It would be easy to say that because we live on a drug infested street, the fact that we started to do heroin wasn’t really our choice. You can’t really believe that though can you? I mean we have this thing called Free Will that we all yap so much about. “I am free to do this and free to do that.” In real life though, we don’t live like we believe that. We aren’t free to make different decisions from others, if we want to be considered Christians…. We aren’t free to “change our gender” if that’s what we want to do are we? There are expectations and rules to follow. There are guidelines and by-laws. There is what we believe based on tradition and what we believe based on a LACK of education. Those things are what hold us captive and deny us our freedom. Because we are so worried about explaining that we are NOT that KIND of Christian or that we don’t believe in talking to others about religion because we don’t want to offend anyone and everyone gets offended nowadays.

It’s kind of like, if you wear the title “Christian”, not only do people’s reactions to you change, but it’s like YOU actually do too. I don’t want people to meet me and know that I am a Christian. I don’t want their behavior to change and even more, I don’t want MY behavior to change. It’s like when I get around people who are super conservative, I feel like I have to pull up my hair and subtly show my tattoo. Which then of course makes them stiffen a bit, not because they think it’s so awful, but because it is supposed to be awful. There are so many times I want to just stand up in front of a room full of “christians” and tell them everything I’ve ever done wrong. The How’s and the When’s of it in detail, so that they can see that Christ IS still using me. I don’t want to be that person. I don’t like myself that way.

Now if I didn’t know that the room full of people were “christians” I would probably just be myself. I’d spend less time hinting at my transgressions and more time pulling out chairs and shaking people’s hand. I’d make more new friends and learn about more needs in probably just 15 mins, than I do when I go to the youth home with my group of ladies from church. If I went into a room and didn’t think AT ALL about who was a Christian and who was not, I believe I would love more. We were all created for that purpose. To Love. Love God, Love ourselves, Love Others. To need love. To need to give love. Even the grumpiest person was created to love others. It is naturally in us. We all just manifest it differently.

So I am taking initiative here. I won’t let my situation dictate the person I show when I am angry, happy, frustrated, empty. My feelings  are NOT who I am. They do not define me. God defines me. He says that I am more than just “a Christian.” and I believe that He wants other’s to see this too.

I don’t want to be a Christian, I want to be known as ….

– someone who loves first

– Someone who doesn’t make a decision with consulting God.

– Someone who you know will feed you if you need some food

– Someone who is ALWAYS willing to give more than they have

– Someone who feels other people’s pain

– Someone who YOU WILL will tell you the amazing things that God is doing and the rock-hard way He stood by them in their storms.

– Someone who LOVES other’s so deeply that they hurt for them daily

I want to be known as someone who shows that they are confident in the ability and truth of Jesus, not with their words, but with their choices and actions. I don’t want you to put me inside of that box and expect me to stay there. I don’t want my possibilities to limited or my words to fall on deaf ears, because of my Christianity.

I want people to LOVE my Jesus BECAUSE they can see Him living in me.


So do you see now? Can you see why it’s NOT GOOD to just BE a  Christian? It’s not even good to be known as someone who acts like a Christian. If you can say that to me, then you really don’t know enough detail about me to make any decision about my salvation. If you can’t think of other thing
s to describe me other than “a Christian,” that I am not doing my job and you don’t really know me at all. I need to do better.


One of my favorite quotes from CS Lewis:Why it's not good to be a christian So maybe I should have started this a little differently. Added in the “just” before A Christian. I had a few other variations but this was suggested as the highest as far as reachability. I figured it would be good to reach just a few more people even though some may take it the wrong way. Life Goes On.

I don’t ever want to be (just) a Christian, I want you to see me as someone who




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