Why I Need to Be More Like A Prostitute!

more like a prostitute

Life Goals. I know.

Not only do I want to be more like a prostitute, but I NEED to be. What does that even mean?

Maybe a prostitute is a bit extreme. I guess I could have used the word “harlot”. (Which of course, makes me chuckle. Opens my eyes to how far down we really have come. The word “harlot” seems much classier than the trashy word “prostitute.” Maybe I should change the title.  Oh well. It doesn’t change the point.

A few years ago,

(ok, maybe more than a few years ago…) when I was still in college, I went back to my roommates house for Thanksgiving. She drove so I left my car at our house and we headed out for a long weekend. 4 days later I came back and my car was gone. I stood frozen in the kitchen, peering out the back window at the empty spot where I always left my car. The keys were no longer on the hook in the kitchen and the window on the back door had been punched in. I was honestly a bit confused. Nothing was damaged in the house (other than the door) and yet, my car was not where I had left it. It took me a minute to come to and call the police.

Here is where the story gets a bit strange. So I call 911 (which btw, I had never done before. I apologized and said it wasn’t an emergency and I wasn’t sure if this was the number to call or if I needed to call the police station. They laughed at me and said a police officer would call me back or come by). Minutes later I got a call from a police officer who was in his car, starting at mine. Apparently, one of our “neighbors” on the street behind our house, had “borrowed” my car while I was out of town. Her “roommate” had reported it to the police the day she took it and they had been following her since. She had claimed that I let her borrow the car and her “roommate” said that wasn’t true. They couldn’t do anything but keep an eye on her until I called and reported it stolen. At that moment, she had packed up her kids and seemed like she was heading out of town. The timing was perfect.

I think this is a good time to give you a bit more insight. We lived in an old Victorian house that was on a strip right across from the college. Since no one wanted to live near the college, this strip was filled with other students renting the houses. Now no one wants to live near the college or the row of student filled houses, therefore, the streets behind our house were inhabited by some less desirable neighbors. The neighbor that stole my car claimed to know me, and she was partially correct. A few times a week, her 5-6 yr old son would come and hang out on our porch while his mommy was “busy with her friends.” I guess that qualifies us as friends who let other friends borrow their car…. and the person who call the police when she took the car, was her live-in “boss,” who said felt like it was his duty to look out for us, being that we were a house full of young girls. Are you catching on to any of this? Said Best Friend/Car Thief was a prostitute and the good Samaritan was her boss, the pimp. Needless to say, the car was filled with lots of gross things and she damaged my electrical trying to use the cigarette lighter that was permanently stuck. (Said car was sold soon after.)

Still to this day, I am not sure what to make of this experience. At the time I didn’t know Jesus the way I do now. I wasn’t a Christian and I didn’t go to church. I lived for myself and thought I had it all under control. I wonder how I would have reacted, if I had been walking with God, clearly He was present in the situation.

This isn’t the prostitute I aim to be more like. Just the only real one I’ve ever met. When someone says prostitute, I think of her. How sad it was that she even attempted this debacle that was never going to work. How hopeless she must have felt and how her boss, protector (pimp), had turned on her instantly. How desperate she must be to live in that situation after all of this happened, and with a kid. Now, I wish I had helped her more.

My prostitute however, is named Rahab.

A Harlot from the bible who became an unlikely heroine, and an essential part of bringing God into this world. (You can find her story HERE)

I wonder just how similar Rahab was to the lady who stole my car. Was she hopeless and close to hitting her rock bottom? Was she disregarded by society and treated poorly by even the people closest to her? Did she make up excuses to tell herself things were a different way than they actually were? I don’t know. What I do know though, is that she wasn’t the picture of someone who would help to bring Jesus into this world. Probably not someone I would entrust to help some of the people who were pivotal to the Christian story. I don’t think that there was even  a glimmer of thought, that she would be someone that was trusted and used by God to do important things.

In the end, Rahab the prostitute, never lost her title. She is wasn’t know as “the woman who is no longer a prostitute,” she was, and always will be known as the prostitute who was used by God. Defined by her redemption and grace. What made this possible? What made her worthy?


She had and showed an intense amount of faith. She has nothing to lose so she put her all into it and dove right in to help. Because of her proclamation and her unwavering faith, she was transformed and used in more ways than she would ever know while here on Earth. She was not only chosen, but she was worthy, useful, loved.


In an article I was reading I came across this quote written by Angie Smith “He loves to take the underdog and show them that they are not who they thought they were.”

Did you catch that?

God wants to show you that you aren’t WHO YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE. Not who you used to be, not who you want to be, but who you yourself made up in your own head. The person who is holding you back. God is trying to show you that you are NOT this person. You are useful and needed. Educated and experienced. Severely loved despite your mistakes. There is absolutely no doubt,  Rahab is my favorite character in the bible, not because she turns it all around and cleans herself up, I love her because she is so severely damaged. I love her because she is deemed so dirty and worthless that she is cast out and disrespected by people who have never even REALLY met her. Her mistakes. Her choices. Her mere inability to meet the requirement for any of God’s callings. When I look in the mirror at myself, I see her. I see a heart that feels weighed down by my own expectations and impossible standards. I see her unflinching bravery as she helps protect these so very important men, all because of her strong faith. But more than anything, I see a woman who was defined by her Savior and not her sin.

And as soon as we heard it, our hearts melted, and there was no spirit left in any man because of you, for the LORD your God, he is God in the heavens above and on the earth beneath. – Joshua 2:11

So again I say, I NEED to be more like this one prostitute  that I know. I want to have faith like Rahab.


Have you met Rahab? If not check her out in Joshua 2.

Which Bible Character resonates with you?

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  1. Michelle says:

    Very good story and explanation, thank you for sharing!

  2. Laura Murphy says:

    Very good and insightful. Thank you

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