Wise Words You Need to Hear From Women of The Old Testament

Wise words women

Walking through the airport both on the trip to Florida and back,

my eyes graced the pages of a lot of advertisements directed at women. Each one gave me advice that I had not asked for and certainly shouldn’t be taking. The headlines said things like, ‘How to lose the extra belly fat and feel 100 times better!” “The VITAL Item You MUST Carry When You Travel,’ and ‘5 Things You Should Say to Get Him To Like You.” Now I am not going to say that the advice in these riveting articles is wrong because I didn’t stop to read them and I am sure they are coming from a good place, but I am going to stick by personal rules and avoid getting my advice from magazines and ad campaigns. So if we can’t get it from the all mighty celebrity mess-up story, then where should we look? I have a few ladies that I can say with confidence, I can rely on.


Here are some wise words you need to hear from women of the Old Testament.

Abigail Her intelligence & discernment saved her family from sure destruction.

Take a second and read  1 Samuel 25. (Click the bible address words or grab your own bible. I’ll wait).  How frustrating that must have been for Abigail.  Her husband was a pompous jerk and without her stepping up and rectifying the situation, things would have gotten seriously bad. She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t complain about having to handle her husband’s mess… again. She didn’t even go to him and ‘bitch.’ She just took care of what needed to be handled and did it with.

Her wise words for us are the very first ones she said to David. “My Lord. I accept all blame in this matter. Please listen to what I have to say.” (1 Sam 25:24). She didn’t make excuses or try to plead with him to change his mind. She didn’t try to fix the problem either. She just humbled herself and accepted responsibility. Because of her wise choices and ability to take responsibility, she was able to keep her family from being slaughtered. Because of her approach, David let down his wall of anger and listened to what she had to say. If she had chosen any other way of approaching him, I would be he wouldn’t have even given her the time of day!   Do you think you can put your feelings aside and stop yourself from speaking words based on emotion, and do what is needed?    


The Wise Woman Of Abel –  Her respect and humbleness stopped an attack.  

Read 2 Samuel 20:14-22 

With this unnamed woman, we see a similarity to Abigail, she too had to act quickly. Her Wise Words were found in 2 Samuel 20:17 says, “So she said, “Listen carefully to your servant.”  As Joab approached and began to destroy the wall, she humbled herself before him and showed him respect. She didn’t threaten him or try to fight back. She diffused the situation by

As Joab approached and began to destroy the wall, she humbled herself before him and showed him respect. She didn’t threaten him or try to fight back. She diffused the situation by showing him respect. In our fast-paced, often over scheduled culture, it’s not always common practice for us to speak to each other with respect and certainly not humbleness. I am sure that we can all agree, without respect and humbleness, we don’t get very far. We could all do good to take in the advice from this wise woman.


Lastly, (for today anyway),  Esther–  Her ability to accept her calling with the best attitude is admirable. 

Read Esther 4

Verse 4:16 ends with the her words, “If I perish, I perish.” From Esther, we can take away the idea of practicing the proper attitude when dealing with the hard stuff life expects us to do. We have a God who has given us his word. He has promised to protect us and never to leave us vulnerable. We must always show faith and trust that God knows what we have ahead of us and that he is going to be there with us all of the way. Can you be as bold and faithful as Esther?


Enjoy Your Day & BE WISE! Don’t forget to grab your printable HERE or click on the picture!

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