Week 8 – Cycle 2

Timeline Motions

Council of Nicea                                                                                                                                                                      The Council of Nicea met to discuss the Trinity.
• Trinity: Begin with right 3-hand behind left palm-in flat hand. Then pull the right hand down and around and switch to a 1-hand. (3 in 1)

Augustine of Hippo                                                                                                                                                                  Augustine converted to Christianity.
• Augustine: Right A.
• converts: Right palm-down A-hand rests on left palm-up A-hand. Both hands twist 360° until left hand is on top.

Jerome Completes the Vulgate
The Vulgate was a Latin translation of the Bible.
• Jerome: Right J.
• Vulgate: Palm-up flat-hands, pinky’s touching as if holding a Bible.

Visigoths Sack Rome
• Visigoths: Right V.
• Sack: Palm-down hands alternately grab as if pillaging.
• Rome: Right R.

The Middle Ages (c. 450 – c. 1500)
• Middle Ages: Downturned right fingers of flattened O-hand move in a small clockwise circle and come to rest in the center of the left palm-up flat-hand.

Council of Chalcedon
At the Council of Chalcedon, they discussed the 2 natures of Jesus.
• 2 natures: Right 2.
• Christ: Right bent middle finger touches left palm. Left bent middle finger touches right palm.

Western Roman Empire Falls to Barbarians
• Western: Right W begins at right and moves horizontally to the left (west).
• Falls: Palm-down flat-hands drop down.
• Barbarians: With a fierce face and elbows out, palm-in fists in front of waistline.


Mid-Atlantic World – CC Happy Mom – You can find the song and motions HERE

Cape of Good Hope – Down In South Africa

And the Straight of Magellan pointing down, South America!

Canary Islands fly north west of Africa

And the Treaty of Tordesillas  cuts the map!

Mid-Atlantic world, Mid-Atlantic world, that’s the way – we describe the mid-Atlantic world!

History Sentence

Tell me about European Exploration

 Between the late 1400’s and the mid-1500’s – palms together (praying hands) but facing forward, hold out L hand then R hand like you are holding a tray
Dias rounded the cape of Good Hope – make an ASL “D”, hold it and make a giant U in the air in front of you. 
Amerigo Vespucci sailed to the Americas – make ASL “a” then “v” with R hand. Use “V” as a vessel to sail across the water. 
Balboa crossed Central America to the Pacific – sign ASL “B” with R hand in front of R shoulder. Then push “B” forward at a diagonal. 
Magellan’s crew sound around the globe – sign ASL “M” and make a large circle in front of your chest 
And Coronado explored the American Southwest –  make ASL “C” then use both hands to make binoculars and search from L to R


What are some parts of the sun?  – Sang to Rise & Shine & give God the glory.

Radiative Zone
Convective Zone
Solar Flare

We also learned motions:

Core – Make your right hand into a fist, hold up.
Radiative Zone– With your left hand, sign the letter “r” over the core.
Convective Zone– Using your right hand and sign the letter “c” over the radiative zone.
Sunspots – Use your left index finger to point to a spot on the “c.”
Photosphere – Put finger tips of hands together and form a sphere.
Solar Flare – Put up a few fingers from the photosphere.
Corona– Keep index finger and thumb together, put fingers and palms out.


1st Conjugation Endings Present Perfect Tense (Song from CC)

____i        I have ___ed
____isti    You have ____ed
____it        he,she,it has ___ed

___imus    we have ___ed
___istius    you have ___ed
___erunt    they have ___ed


14s up 14×14-  sang to Camptown Races

14    28    42    56    70    84    98

112    126    140    154    168    182    196


Reflexive Pronouns – The song we learned can be found HERE
myself, yourself
ourselves, yourselves